Digital Timer

Product Image (SWT96)

Spot Welding Timer

Price: 2500 INR

Input supply 230vacOutput type- 2 Relay output for solonoide valve and welding Input signal -Foot Switch or limit switch

Product Image (SQT96)

Sequence Timer

Price: 2000 INR

3 channel sequence timerInput supply - 230vACOutput type - 3 channel Relay out putOutput

Product Image (Pt 72)

Lubrication Timer Control Panel

Price: 1500 INR

Input voltage 230vacInput signal - limit switch or Push buttonOutput type - 2 relay Size - 72x72x110mm

Product Image (01)

Sequential Timer

Price: 2500 INR

10 channel Digital sequence timerInput supply - 230VACOutput voltage - 230VAC relay output Start single - selector switch

Product Image (3Di 3DO Card)

Sequential Timer 3 channel bliend

Price: 500 INR

Input supply 24vdc/ 230vAcOutput 3 relay out put

Product Image (PC 72)

Cyclic Timer

Price: 1500 INR

Input voltage - 230vAcOutput type - 2 Relay Input signal - 1 pnp no sensor or limit switch

Product Image (PC 72)

Preset Timer

Price: 1500 INR

Input supply - 230vacOutput type - 1 relay outputInput signal - PNP no sensor or limit sw

Product Image (FRT 96)

Laundry Timer

Price: 1800 INR

Input Supply 230vACOutput supply 2 relay outputDisplay type 7 segmentsTimer set and process value


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